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Inclusive Workplaces

Backed by Evidence-Based Practices

What is DEI?

I'm so glad you asked! DEI stands for diversity, equity, and inclusion. It is a journey where we explore opportunities to diversify and grow. We learn the meaning behind other lifestyles and the importance of respecting the space which others hold around us. DEI is about unity, understanding, and kindness. It boils down to etiquette. Increase productivity while bolstering a more inclusive culture utilizing relevant behavioral science techniques.

Why Aviva?

"Where do we go from here?" Let Aviva Consulting guide you on your journey with a customizable, comprehensive DEI curriculum including goal setting, analysis, implementation, administrative coaching, public facing employee coaching, maintenance, and more. Aviva offers a one of a kind service, working in conjunction with HR, your company culture, and top to bottom navigation. We utilize a scored assessment to indicate areas needing growth and provide evidence based practices to address them.

Community Ambassadors

Community ambassadors are the folks we hear from in the community. We discuss various DEI related topics and post them to our socials. Click below to explore topics and check out our social media pages.

We all go through chapters in life where we need help from others and we sincerely hope that provides perspective when others are in need of your help later down the road.  Wherever you are on your path, we have compiled a list of resources for those who are in need and for those who wish to give. 

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Aviva Consulting is the first practice to combine applied behavioral science evidence-based methods and human resources to affirmatively further diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.



Creating inclusive workplaces backed by evidence-based practices.

Buddha Statue


  • Provide a safe space

  • Listen and communicate from a perspective of kindness and understanding

  • Engage individuals from all stages of life, backgrounds, and guiding principles

  • Respect and support personal autonomy

  • Foster meritocracy focused reward practices

  • Identify the implications and role an individual plays in a larger systemic model

  • Data driven processes and decision making

  • Affirmatively further pluralistic practices

  • Demonstrate empathy with self and others

  • Transcend political climate to address root issues

  • Acknowledge historical landscape of demographic communities

  • Address the role in which shame plays in discrimination and systemically eliminate shame based behaviors

  • Recognize how consequences to the environment made by individuals and organizations contribute to broadening global economic and public health disparities

  • Continued education, observation, and listening for the purpose of personal and professional growth

  • Facilitate practices which honor the privacy of individual participants and participants belonging to smaller demographic circles



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